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How to choose spiral wound gaskets?

2008/12/10 9:30:27
Spiral wound gasket is an important sealing component, and metal spiral wound gasket is widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, and shipbuilding. It is a key component for static sealing of pressure pipelines, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, and other equipment in China. Therefore, the selection and use of * * spiral wound gasket products is of great significance in reducing and eliminating running, emitting, dripping, and leaking, ensuring the safety of the host equipment and the normal operation of pressure pipelines.

Key points to note when purchasing spiral wound gasket products:

1. Select sealing gaskets based on operating conditions and flange sealing surface type.

2. Choose products from production enterprises with sound and effective quality management systems, and choose products from enterprises that hold special equipment (pressure pipeline components) manufacturing licenses and valid type test reports.

3. The main surface of the sealing gasket should not have any scratches, gaps, unevenness, or rust defects that affect the sealing performance. The non-metallic strip on the main surface of the sealing gasket should be evenly and appropriately raised above the metal strip, and the interlayer texture should be clear, but the metal strip should not be exposed. The spacing between the welding points of the metal wound gasket should be uniform, and there should be no defects such as lack of fusion or over fusion. The surface of the reinforcing ring should not have defects such as burrs, unevenness, rust spots, etc. The distance between the upper and lower sealing surfaces of the sealing gasket body and the upper and lower surfaces of the reinforcing ring should be equal. The inner reinforcing ring and the sealing gasket body should be tightly fixed and not loose; The positioning between the external strengthening ring and the main body of the sealing gasket should be maintained and can be loosened appropriately.

4. Compression rate, rebound rate, and sealing performance are important performance indicators of sealing gaskets. Generally speaking, under the premise of meeting the compression rate requirements, the higher the rebound rate, the better; On the premise of meeting the requirements of rebound rate standards, it is also better to have a higher test value for compression rate. Products with good sealing performance, moderate compression rate, and maximum rebound rate should be selected.
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